Indulgenz Signature Facial (1.5hr)   $129

Epsom salt foot soak, eyebrow wax, lash/brow tint,

double cleanse, steam, enzyme peel,

face/neck/shoulder massage, mask, hand & arm massage, tone, moisturize.


Hydrabrasion (1hr15:)   $129

The skin is deeply exfoliated with diamonds while simultaneously vacuuming and washing it.

Followed by HA ampoule and collagen mask to hydrate, brighten and firm up your skin.

Natural Spa Facial (1hr15:)    $129

A revolutionary skincare solution that naturally promotes deep skin rejuvenation, healthy cell regeneration, collagen production and more. Made purely out of all natural and organic ingredients (such as fruit and flower extracts). It is patented and clinically-proven to keep your skin extremely healthy and make your complexion flawlessly radiant.


Mini Facial (30 min) $60

Double cleanse, steam, enzyme peel, mask, hand massage, tone & moisturize.


Add ons to Mini Facial:

  • Eye treatment 30 min  $50

  • Microdermabrasion  $30

  • 24K Gold Anti-Ageing Mask  $15

  • Face/Neck/Shoulder massage  $15

  • Ear Candling $30


Specialised Facial Treatments (1hr – 1hr:30)

      ASA Peel                             $120

             This treatment has been developed for exclusive professional use, containing an optimal ingredients combination with high dosage fruit

             acids for the intensive treatment of older mature skin also affected by dark pigmentation.


      HL Derma Peels

              Level I    - Alpha Peel (22% Blend)              $80

              Level II   - Anti Age Peel (26% Blend)         $85

              Level III  - Balance Peel (29% Blend)         $85

             Course of 6 treatments – (level I – III)       $425

              Level IV - Renew Peel (32% Blend)           $120

             Level V -  Extreme Peel (34% Blend)         $199


       Dermalight Peel  (for pigmentation)               $150

              - Course of 6 treatments                              $720

            A treatment for brightening of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

       Vitalise Facial (Hydartion)                                 $139

            Hyaluronic acid improves skin hydration, stimulates production of collagen, works as an antioxidant, maintains skin elasticity and

            has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity.


       Advanced Vitalise Facial (Intensive Hydration)      $179

            This intensive hydration treatment significantly increases moisture deep in the skin, firms skin texture, softens the appearance of fine

            lines and revitalizes dull skin. The treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially for complexions showing signs of dermal dehydration.


        Facial Acupuncture                                             $110

              - Course of 10 treatment                              $880

              Cosmetic acupuncture involves facial acupuncture as well as regular acupuncture in one session. The focus is on the facial skin for

              anti-ageing and skin health, acne and other skin conditions, but there is also a focus on treating the body system as a whole to relax

              and rejuvenate.


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We are located in Wallarah, 15 minutes from Westfield Tuggerah or 8 minutes from Lakehaven Shopping Centre.

Address: 580 Bruce Crescent,

                    Wallarah,   NSW 2259

Phone: 0451 502 476

Email:  indulgenzspa@gmail.com

All treatments are strictly by appointment only.  If you are unable to find a suitable time in our online booking system, please feel free to contact me directly for an appointment