Body Rituals and Packages

Euphoria Magnesium Transdermal Therapy  2 hrs / $169

Starting with foot soak followed by a full body scrub to detox heavy metals & toxins from out of the skin. Included are a cleanse, exfoliate & mask to refine your skin. Magnesium detox gel will be massage into sore and tired muscles to further relax & detoxify. A top to toe full body massage using organic rosehip oil to leave your skin looking firmer, clearer & silkier and your body & mind in a complete state of euphoria. 


Top to Toe Face & Body Package 2 hrs / $169

This package includes a relaxing salt foot soak, full body relaxation massage incl foot reflex & full leg and magnesium back scrub. Finish off the package with a Mini Spa facial plus microdermabrasion, face, neck, shoulder, hand & arm massage.


Hot Stone Massage & Mini Facial 2 hrs / $169

Hot Stone therapy produces alternately sedative and re-energising responses in the body, promoting the body’s ability to heal itself. 

The Full Body Hot Stone Massage is followed by a deep Cleansing, Nourishing & Revitalising Facial.


Well-Being Indulgence Package 2 hrs / $150

Treatment starts by detoxifying your body with an ionic detox foot spa. Follows by a full body relaxation massage and foot reflexology to indulge your wellbeing and add a spring in your step.


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